Crossing The Boundaries of Excellence

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ICB is a place where values are affirmedyoung minds are enriched, and dreams take flight.
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Crossing The Boundaries of Excellence

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Introduction About American Education

The American Education is the most diversified system in the world. It strives to prepare all students to live rich, literate lives and to be active, informed citizens.


ICB is now a candidate school* for the IB Diploma Programme

“International College of Benha is now a candidate school* for the IB Diploma Programme. Our school is pursuing authorization as an IB World School. IB World Schools share a common philosophy- a commitment to high-quality, challenging, international education- that we believe is important for our students”

High school Counseling

The ICB Counseling Department is dedicated to offering personalized assistance to aid senior students in navigating the transition into college and career pathways with ease.

Kindergarten Stage

Our Kindergarten program is designed to provide a nurturing and stimulating environment where young learners can explore, discover, and grow. Our dedicated teachers create a safe and supportive space where children can develop important social, emotional, and academic skills.

About Us


ICB is a sustainable 21st-century learning community that amasses world-class approaches in education and learning. Our students are geared up to excel in the dramatically changing world.


Is to instill students with 21st-century skills in a collaborative and inclusive educational environment in order to foster an influential individual in the local and global community.


learning through fun in a creative environment for young students, also embracing a safe and secure atmosphere to discover life through first-hand experience.
We aim to promote a culture of learning and continuous growth for students and staff alike.
We focus on the highest quality of instructions.

Education Programs

We are crossing the boundaries of excellence by affording


As each student has his own creative way of thinking and learning our role is to provide a unique way of teaching for each type of student in order to Learn him to think critically, collaborate with peers from diverse cultural backgrounds, use creativity to solve unique challenges, discover his passion and purpose in school


Together, we are building a caring, internationally-minded community that truly has the potential to leave a positive mark on their world.


Our students spend their days developing invaluable, life-long skills like critical thinking, languages, and intercultural competencies across our early education, elementary, Middle & High school areas


Our all-encompassing goal at ICB is to help students become happy, experienced humans. Our classes are small – usually with fewer than 23 students – so that everyone receives individual attention and support

Why ICB?

Every student comes to ICB School on the first steps of a journey uniquely their own—already steered by individual strengths and personal passions, already shaped by innate talents and distinctive graces. At ICB, we honor all of each child, fostering inquisitive minds as well as joyful spirits, strong bodies, good characters, and empathetic hearts.

Our approach is guided by the values of our GM, Dr. Yasser Dawa, education through doing, and joyful learning. Almost 100 years later, our continuing mission is to provide experiences that inspire an enduring enthusiasm for learning and to graduate young people of honor, faith, and wisdom.

At ICB, our students learn to ask good questions and navigate abundant information, to develop imaginative ideas and innovative alternatives, and to forge consensus and connection within diverse groups. ICB students feel known, seen, and safe to take considered risks, learn from challenges, and carefully think through important questions of faith and citizenship. As a result, they develop the cheerful resilience to thrive—in their time with us, in college and career, and in life itself.

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International College of Benha is now a candidate school* for the IB Diploma Programme. Our school is pursuing authorization as...

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