Discover our School

International College Of Benha is a newly founded American international school. We will open in September 2020 and we provide education to students starting from PRE-K until Grade 12.
International College Of Benha offers an American curriculum powered by a variety of  professionally experienced boards that are well-known at this field.

Our website provides a wealth of insight into our philosophy, programs, and achievements, with resources that serve the information needs of our extended community, including prospective students, parents, and accreditation body. As a school with a concerted focus on technology, we’re pleased to offer this multifaceted look into life at ICB.

ICB is a place where values are affirmed, young minds are enriched, and dreams take flight. We look forward to welcoming you into our family.

Our approach to learning

ICB ‘s purpose is learning through fun in a creative environment for young students, also embracing a safe and secure atmosphere to discover life through first-hand experience.

A tailored education

Deep and personalized learning is at the heart of ICB. Our students learn to think critically, collaborate with peers from diverse cultural backgrounds, and use creativity to solve unique challenges as they discover their passion and purpose in school.



ICB mission is to instill students with 21st century skills in a collaborative and inclusive educational environment in order to foster an influential individual in local and global community.


ICB is a sustainable 21st century learning community that amasses world-class approaches in education and learning. Our graduates are geared up to excel in the dramatically changing world.


  1. All students can be successful learners.
  2. Students will have a clear career path.
  3. Environment where everybody behaves appropriately.
  4. All students feel safe and happy.
  5. Self-confidence, responsibility and a positive self-image.
  6. Students will have the skills, attributes and character to be independent lifelong learners.