ICB students and teachers bring a wide range of knowledge, and experiences to the school environment. At each grade level, students are challenged academically and personally to learn and grow. Through utilizing all resources such as labs, libraries, studios, and the stage, our faculty guide students as they gain understanding and proficiency across all subjects. Our academic program is designed to teach students the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that will best prepare them for success in the future world.

Academic Weight

  1. Credit Hour =average of 160 sessions
  2. Minimum amount of instructional time per school year  Kindergarten=600; grades 1-3=840; grades 4-8=900; grades 9-12=1,080
  3. Minimum number of hours per school day               Kindergarten=3.0; grades 1-3=3.8; grades 4-12=4.0 9 excluding lunch time and recess)

USA Regulations

  1. States education departments give options to meet either minimum hours per school year or days per school year.
  2. For all grades, hours only apply if board submits an acceptable plan under which students will receive the educational equivalent of 170 to180 days.
  3. Students in grades 9-12 must enroll in at least 4 subjects, in addition to the hour requirement.
  4. School may include in-service professional development days, staff development, parent-teacher conferences, planning, or similar activities.
  5. 185-day calendar that includes 170 instructional days, plus 4 days for professional development
  6. Early dismissal of seniors allowed up to 10 instructional days
  7. Students in grade 12 may have their year reduced to 170 days
  8. Minimum length of a day is 3 hours, but the average over a 2-week period must be at least 5 hours.
  9. Schools must be open for pupil attendance for at least 3 hours.
  10. Thirty-three hours of the full-day kindergarten program and twenty-two hours of grades 1-6 may be used for home visits by the teacher or for parent-teacher conferences. Twelve hours of grades 7-12 may be used to consult with parents or for parent-teacher conferences.
  11. School boards may release graduating seniors prior to the end of the school year.

SOURCE: Education Commission of the States, 50 State Comparison: Instructional Time Policies, retrieved June 6, 2018