Academics: High Expectations, Excellent Results

ICB is committed to the total development of students’ minds, hearts, and bodies. Yet first and foremost, we work diligently to maintain a reputation for academic excellence. Our rigorous, mission-centered curriculum develops intellectual and cultural competence, emphasizing creative problem-solving and experiential learning. Highly trained faculty, uphold the high standards.Large class sizes, with an average teacher-student that can allow teachers to be attuned to the needs of individual students, with particular attention paid to the transitions between them.

Our academic program is organized around four academic divisions – Montessori (30 months through Kindergarten), Lower School (grades one through four), Middle School (grades five through eight) and high School (grades nine through 12). The faculty, staff, and directors of each school provide a strong continuum of education in a culture that supports students through transitions between divisions and for new students.

Our high standards deliver high outcomes. Students in every grade level consistently score above the national average.


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Preschool and – kindergarten

Montessori Program: 30 Months through Kindergarten

ICB will be one of a few schools in Egypt applying the  Montessori philosophy  in an educational program for 30-month-olds. 

We provide a positive, stimulating introduction to classroom education in a  for students who are 30 to 42 months. Students from age 2.5 to    4.5 , who are offered both full- and half-day sessions. Children learn the Montessori philosophy of order, independence, concentration and coordination, gradually moving from the concrete to the abstract.

We emphasize development of nascent skills in areas such as language, math, computers, science, geography and music. Students also participate in physical education, sensorial development, and spiritual growth.


For our youngest learners, every moment is filled with new ideas, quiet wonderings, and exciting discoveries. When our early learning students explore our campus eco-garden, watch kites soar in the wide sky, or build imaginary worlds, they discover that what they say, think, and do matters.

Our program looks like a lot of fun to the adult eye because we believe that children learn best when they’re truly engaged.Students ask questions, investigate, and learn about things that genuinely matter to them.

There is flexibility in our daily schedule, offering our children time to be curious, to play, to wonder, to learn.

Students come together to eat snacks in the morning and enjoy packed lunch from home or a catered lunch with friends. Throughout the day, our young learners work independently and in small groups, visit hands-on exploration stations, stretch their muscles during two daily outdoor play times, take eld trips throughout the wider campus, and enjoy Kindermusik lessons. Our concept-based curriculum allows kids to connect, explore, and relate through their own interests, and by listening to those interests, we can better provoke their thinking.

The curriculum includes daily English language classes, literacy, mathematics, science, social studies, music, and daily perceptual motor skills development . And once each week, English classes are integrated with perceptual motor classes so that children can learn English language as they participate in the active movement. We have a library nestled into our early learning community specially curated to mirror our units of inquiry, and our counselors get to know each student when they teach their friendship lessons throughout the year.

Lower School: Challenging Every Child in Grades 1 through 5

Highly trained faculty,large class sizes, rigorous curriculum and data-driven instruction in our Lower School maximize each child’s potential to learn. Our programs, deliver high-impact results. 

In a culture of extraordinary care, classroom teachers and educational specialists are attuned to the individual child’s academic and social-emotional needs.

We develop children academically as well as spiritually, physically, socially and artistically. Our leadership curriculum emphasizes personal accountability, empathy and action for others. Children focus on caring, respect, fairness and responsibility. 

The curriculum includes a formal introduction to computers and coding, World Language at every grade level and hands-on learning in state-of-the-art science labs and outdoor learning spaces. A spacious library has multiple reading collections. 


Elementary school at ICB is a place where the foundation of learning takes hold, and where we have the rewarding job of fostering and challenging students to maintain their curiosity and creativity while extending their self-confidence and self-advocacy.

A daily schedule of core subjects in reading language arts, mathematics, world languages, science, and social studies is punctuated by specialist classes in art, music, physical education, swimming, technology, and library use. Experiential learning outside the classroom through field trips and community service inspires students and enriches the curriculum.

From the earliest grades, ICB students are active learners; students learn to analyze and question across subject areas, and learn to express themselves in writing, presentations, and discussions. They understand where they are in their learning journey, what their learning targets are, and what it will take for them to reach the next steps. Our students take risks and learn from failure in a community of acceptance, preparing them to meet and surmount high academic standards.

We recognize the importance of friendships and working cooperatively, and foster the development of skills that contribute to students’ personal and academic success. Social-emotional programs are integrated into the culture and program of each grade level .

Middle School: Focusing on the Whole Child

Academic excellence at ICB  is promoted through instruction that is both rigorous and highly supportive.Our mission-centered curriculum to see how students are introduced to new concepts in science, math, history, language arts, religion and foreign language.

Classes are taught by a caring, highly trained group of instructors who understand the changes associated with this developmental period of life. Faculty members participate in weekly team meetings to monitor students’ progress, and to ensure that lesson plans and curricula are fully integrated.

Middle school students develop social values and continue on a journey of spiritual growth. Many opportunities are available for students to participate in art, music and theatrical productions that foster artistic expression.

Our programs include Science ,Technology ,Engineering and Mathematics(STEM) ,Writing , World Language and Projects in our Character Education program. Extracurricular clubs and activities help spark new interests and passions.


Our middle school students have the space to grow and find themselves in a unique and welcoming environment guided by teachers who particularly enjoy working with this dynamic age group.

Each grade level has its own neighborhood wing, and is further broken into three sides to make the community smaller and assist students in making connections with their classmates and teachers. Each side has an interdisciplinary team of teachers that support the academic, social, and emotional needs of all students.

A key component of the middle school is the advisory program. This small group of students meets at the start of every school day with their advisor(s), encouraging a sense of community among classmates, and a close mentoring relationship between the student and at least one adult in the school.

Middle school counselors are a critical part of creating a safe, inclusive, and supportive school community; each grade level has an assigned counselor who moves with a group of students through middle school, forming strong and trusting relationships with students and families.

High School: Preparing for a Lifetime of Success

ICB’s high School provides and abundance of opportunities for students in grades nine through 12 that prepare them for success in college, careers and life. In a culture of extraordinary care attuned to the needs of each student, our highly trained faculty challenge students to reach their full potential. Our rigorous curriculum includes Advanced Placement classes, Science researches,signature programs and an emphasis on  character –based leadership. Life at ICB is not just about academics and athletics,but also  emphasizes spirituality, social-emotional wellness and artistic expression as well. Students here can reach their potential in arts, music, and drama.


We believe education will be more than the accumulation of knowledge. Learning at ICB is a process of discovery and transformation through pursuing individual passions and encountering new ways of viewing the world. Flexibility and academic program personalization are the hallmarks of an exemplary American education, and ICB will deliver just that.

Research will show that students learn best when they are connected to the life of their school and to the adults there who guide them. Every ICB high school student will belong to a small advisory group, and has an advisor who mentors them, helps them track their progress, set goals, discuss and solve learning issues, and build on their capacities to take responsibility for their learning.

The ICB Catalyst Project will allow students to design their own learning experience by merging their passions with their academics. Students can sample a career, carry out an extended service learning project, deeply explore and research an academic topic of interest, or create a novel artistic work. And our full-day, year- long Quest program will offer seniors an even more immersive project-based setting and yet another way to differentiate themselves from their worldwide peers.




We believe that the best service comes out of extraordinary care, and our students exhibit just that every day. Opportunities for service abound for ICB students from kindergarten through grade 12, both at school and in the community. Students at ICB will be empowered to make a difference in their communities and develop an early commitment to active citizenship as part of being a responsible global citizen.

Putting others before themselves from a young age, ICB students from kindergarten to grade twelve will  take part in service learning opportunities in school, in their community, and in regional and global communities. They will find meaning in benefiting others when they brainstorm, research, interview, plan activities, build connections, and contribute to communities’ areas of need.


Counseling services will be an integral part of ICB. Counselors take a proactive, child-centered, and developmental approach in working with students, parents, and teachers. Our counselors teach character education lessons, provide individual and family counseling, facilitate small group workshops for students, lead parent coffees, conduct entry and exit family transitional programs, and coordinate student services in the school.