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Message for Parents


Thank you for trusting ICB.
ICB believes in its social responsibility towards its community, and that its mission is to prepare our children for a better future regardless of financial profit.
The major concern of Egyptian families, not only the ICB team, is “what if the study continues online”. Being prepared for all scenarios without affecting the quality of education, ICB has taken the following measures:
1. The school has initiated the recruitment plan for Egyptian and foreign staff, starting in June to reach full capacity within the next two months.
2. The school has contracted with one of the most powerful online education applications in the world so that students will be able to be tutored in a virtual classroom.
3. Since the kindergarten stage has a special nature, the school has contracted with a specialized application that is completely appropriate for this stage so that the student’s level is not affected until students come to physical classrooms.
4. Admission tests will be carried out on designated the time (Online) once the student receives her/his username and password.
5. ICB shall provide a well-equipped location, with all safety measures taken, for those who are not familiar with online exams.
6. Due payment of reservation (the uniform and course books) starts from (Monday) June 15, 2020 till 3 days before your admission Test due date ) in order to deliver the student account for the online exam. In case of adopting distance learning systems for the whole year, the full value of the uniform reservation will be moved to the next year.
7. The school offers an additional 25% discount on tuition fees for any semester that is turned to be online, for we realize that all families have been affected by this pandemic and that costs on us have relatively decreased.
8. We expect and hope that normal study returns on time – according to the news received –if there are no new updates with regard to the spread of the COVID19 .
9. We confirm that the basic discount rate offered to parents for this year will continue until graduation. Next year, tuition fees will be set up to normal prices. Hence, no discounts will be granted to applicants next year.
10. Soon a video about the school and the final setup, classes, playgrounds, laboratories, etc. will be shared, as we promised you.
11. We will kindly send you, in separate letters, with all the details of conducting the school admission exams early enough before conducting the exam.
Stay Safe